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Since 2005, Honda has been producing the Ridgeline to give drivers a unique choice of truck. Known for being reliable and largely problem-free, the Ridgeline took a break in 2014, but has returned for 2017. Properly maintaining your Honda Ridgeline is important to keep it performing at top condition.

Common Issues with the Honda Ridgeline

Despite the Ridgeline's reliability, time is the enemy of all auto parts and experiencing part failure is not unlikely as the vehicle ages. According to, some common problems for the Honda Ridgeline include:

1.Problem opening tailgate due to sensor rod being too long

2.Transmission occasionally refuses to shift into fourth gear

3.Driving over bumps causes radio static

Why Buy Genuine Honda Ridgeline Parts?

When you need to replace or repair a part in your Ridgeline, trust genuine Honda OEM parts for repairs, basic maintenance, or upgrades. Only OEM Ridgeline parts:

1.Are designed to Honda specifications

2.Will fit and perform exactly like the original parts

3.Come with a manufacturer warranty

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