Overall Rating: 92.67%
Average Rating: 9.27/10
I purchased an item for my 2016 Honda Accord EX-L and received in a short period of time and was very pleased. By using the VIN #' you know you are getting exactly what you need. Great prices...
Paula Mahoney
Hello, Great prices and good website....

My email lakshman.gummadi@gmail.com

looking forward to buy more...please send a discount code...
Website was super easy to navigate. I found everything I needed within a matter of minutes! Plus the discounted parts they provide saved me roughly $1000, which is great because I am merely a struggling college student. I would definitely recommend Honda Parts Wholesale Direct to anyone looking to purchase quality OEM parts at a reasonable price!
Jordan Roberson
We have a Honda Accord that we race in the Chump car series, we always use genuine Honda parts for reliability. HondaParts direct provides quick delivery at a reasonable price!
Jay, Rapid Graphics
The prices are excellent and service is very prompt. I appreciated the emails explaining exactly when my items were to be shipped. The website is very user-friendly and I had no problem finding the parts I needed.
Excellent service, fast shipping, great prices. A +
Alejandro Cordero
I just received the item I purchased, fits perfectly as expected.
Great prices, great customer service, fast delivery.
Will be purchasing any necessary parts for my Honda Fit on this site.
Very helpful.
Paula the Fit Girl
I Have bought several parts for my Honda Accord's I researched every available site When it comes to Price very rarely will you find a dealer with competitive pricing But then due to the very fair shipping costs that Honda Parts Wholesale Direct offers I have found no other dealer in the United States that can beat their prices TheY are very professional and after myself being a parts specialist for 25 years I only buy Honda cars and only buy from Honda Parts Wholesale Direct Very professional company that takes pride in customer satisfaction and very fast shipping Great Company
Glenn Osborne
Great service and phenomenal prices!!!!
Tim Probst

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