Overall Rating: 93.89%
Average Rating: 9.39/10
Honda Parts Wholesale Direct is an Awesome Site!!!!
They have Extremely Excellent prices and the website is sooo easy to Navigate! This is a very Trustworthy place to get Authentic a Honda Parts! They have friendly, helpful customer service reps also! Legit site!
Highly Recommend!!
best Honda parts online store and better price even better then my local Honda dealer
discount price you know what you getting and not get rip off like local dealers always do...
Phuoc Nguyen, N/A
Company is very responsive and informative. Prices and service can’t be beat!!!
james harris
Dealing with Jon has been fantastic!. Very detailed and prompt. He caught two mistakes that I had made, saving me time and money. Perfect to deal business with.

I recently ordered items for my new 2016 Honda Civic Coupe. I just received the trunk tray and splash guards. The trunk tray fits perfect and looks so good. I will be installing the splash guards on Saturday.
I initially ordered the floor mats along with these and by providing the vin #, it seems I ordered the wrong item. They promptly notified me and I am anxiously awaiting for delivery of them tomorrow.
Thank you so much for the fast service and a superb way of making sure you order the exact parts you need for your specific vehicle.
I highly recommend anyone to order from this company. You can't go wrong with them in protecting your new vehicle !!!
Sherrie Frohnapfel
I purchased an item for my 2016 Honda Accord EX-L and received in a short period of time and was very pleased. By using the VIN #' you know you are getting exactly what you need. Great prices...
Paula Mahoney
Hello, Great prices and good website....

My email lakshman.gummadi@gmail.com

looking forward to buy more...please send a discount code...
Website was super easy to navigate. I found everything I needed within a matter of minutes! Plus the discounted parts they provide saved me roughly $1000, which is great because I am merely a struggling college student. I would definitely recommend Honda Parts Wholesale Direct to anyone looking to purchase quality OEM parts at a reasonable price!
Jordan Roberson
We have a Honda Accord that we race in the Chump car series, we always use genuine Honda parts for reliability. HondaParts direct provides quick delivery at a reasonable price!
Jay, Rapid Graphics

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