Frequently Asked Questions

What does left or right mean? Drivers side = Left,  Passengers Side = Right

Why do I need my Vin # . There are many variable when specifying parts on Vehicles. Production dates, color codes, trim styles, engine size, vendor, country of manufacture. Providing your vin # eliminates most guess work and / or mistakes.

I have a question about my order? When calling us about your order please have your order number ready.  It will help us serve you in a much more efficient manner.

Will you ship parts outside of the United States? As a American Honda Dealer we are unable to sell parts outside of the United States.

Do all items ship same day? Even with our large inventory we do not stock everything that is available to purchase from our site. Most items that are not in stock will take 1 business day to arrive if we are able to process your order by 3pm Eastern time.  Once we process your order we will notify you with a tracking number if we can fill your order from our in house inventory. If we are unable to fill your order from stock we will notify you with a shipping day. 

How do I know if you have something in stock? Feel free to give us a call or send us an email to We can see if we have your part numbers in stock or give you a approximate shipping date.